A Lone Wolf At Wolfman’s Paradise!

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A lone Wolf at Wolfman’s Paradise is a solo filming project that was made little by little from June 2014 to November 2014 at the Wolfman’s Paradise backyard mini ramp complex, which has been around in one form or another since 2004. The ramp is somewhat warped and difficult to skate currently to the point that only a few wolfmen dare to even try to conquer it’s varying surface textures, and most of the time, I would find that I was skating this legendary skate spot alone. Over the Summer of 2014, I decided to start filming a few tricks here and there on these solo skate sessions. Except for a few clips, the entire segment was filmed with just a camera and a tripod. It started as an idea for a short clip with just a few tricks, and eventually evolved into a full segment, as new tricks, mostly footplant variations were learned and added to the mix. If you enjoy sketchy mini ramps and footplants, then you should enjoy this segment!- Aron Gieger


Sketchy Parking Lot Street Style Jam Session Montage!

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All you need to have a great day of skating is a parking lot and some sketchy obstacles to skate! It also doesn’t hurt to have some friends and a BBQ. Here’s a video montage featuring some of the shredding that went down at Surf Zone on June 21, 2014 as part of the Vans and Surf Zone Go Skate Day Lunch Time BBQ and sketchy parking lot street style jam session! Thanks to everyone who came out to thrash! It was a great time with a solid crew!


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De La Manga Productions presents Hal Coal Sections: Ryan’s clips of aron from a few sessions in 2013, edited by aron or… Whacky Surf Action! Filmed by Ryan Cortes Perez Edited by Aron Gieger Featuring the whacky surfing of Aron Gieger, Music by CKY and Gnar Kill…


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This is the Intensive Bonus Session, which is the bonus from Knock It Off 2. All the stuff that didn’t fit into the Knock It Off 2 main feature put together as it’s own main feature, “The Intensive Bonus Session!” It’s a little bit more rough around the edges than the Knock It Off 2 main feature, but therein lies much of its charm. It sort of bridges the gap between Knock It Off 1 and 2, it’s sort of a Knock It Off 1.5. There’s a lot of cool stuff in here, such as the original opening skit where we get to see Al Garretty and Geronimo Garretty together for the first time. This skit had to be re-shot, not only because Al had grown about a foot in the process of filming the rest of the skits which would be connected to this one, but because the quality of the skit was sub par in comparison to the rest of the skits that had been shot for the movie. The nature whack does stand out as a pure gem, however, and despite being somewhat of a rough cut, this skit is still hilarious. Another skit which was scrapped for a later version in knock it off 2 was the Whacker Grip, which evolved into the Whacker Grip five million. This skit is very notable, as it was the first ever appearance of Al Garretty and his famous “my gloves of course!” line. There’s also probably plenty of love it or hate it type of stuff on here, such as one of my favorite skits of all time, where Abe Lincoln catches John Wilkes Booth whackin it. “I’m John Wilkes Booth and I’m whackin it! This is some good fuckin porno up in here! Oh yeah!” I mean, right away it’s hilarious, because, c’mon, who the hell says their own name when they’re whackin it? The quadruple heel flip is another gem, and then there’s the sleepaway camp gear sears workout skit. There’s also plenty of great surfing, skateboarding, and other assorted randomness. So, enjoy The Intensive Bonus Session! It’s fun for the whole family!

Knock It Off full length!

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The now legendary Knock It Off premiered on March 8, 2003, and shortly thereafter gained a cult following. To celebrate this 10 year anniversary, and because a lot of people don’t have VCRs anymore, Knock it Off is now available, in it’s entirety for your viewing pleasure on the inter web! If you’re a long time fan or just checking this out for the first time, enjoy! Rest assured, it has aged like a fine wine!


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The legendary Knock It Off 2: The Second Coming! Is now available to view in it’s entirety on Vimeo!  Have fun, whackers!!




Casual Shredding Volume 3!

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De La Manga Productions presents the latest Hal Coal Sections: Casual Shredding Volume 3, with some bowl shredding that went down during a short session at Isabela on October 29, 2011 featuring Aron Gieger, Danny Rivera, and Christian Rivera. Enjoy!

Music: Slayer: “Hate Worldwide” from World Painted Blood; She & Him: “don’t look back” from Volume 2

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